Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Property affected by water intrusion

SERVPRO works closely with many property managers. It is very important to these property managers that their properties are well maintained. In the photos abov... READ MORE

Kitchen Cleaning for a Restaurant St. Louis, MO

The Before and After pictures show are from a restaurant in the city of St Louis. The restaurant came to us in need of cleaning, and were ready to throw away mu... READ MORE

Fire Suppression System Malfunction

Here we can see a fire suppression system that malfunctioned causing damage to inventory and the structure of the building. The fire suppression system shot a j... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Hazelwood, MO

This church basement in Hazelwood, MO was the result of a burst pipe. This church basement could not be used do to ongoing leaks thus resulting mold issues. Our... READ MORE

Commercial Flood Damage in Fenton, MO

This flooded Business in Fenton, MO was the result of a near by lake flooding. The business office was flooded with muddy water causing not just water but mud t... READ MORE

Trauma Clean up in Commercial Medical Building in St. Louis, MO

In this commercial medical building there was a trauma accident that occurred on the second floor bathroom. The incident happened throughout the women's restroo... READ MORE